What I Learned This Week From You – Installment #1

When I started focusing on marketing and communications and the massive changes that were occuring a few years ago, I went from not knowing what a blog was to reading 200 blogs a day in about 6 weeks.  Soon it was 300 a day and I was learning a ton and running out of hours […]

Ford Mustang 2010 Competition

Scott Monty, my former crayon colleague, is now head of Social Media at Ford.  They have a gem of a site about the Ford Mustang. One of my favorite videos was Father’s Day.  Gotta admit, I shed a tear :-).  Great piece. Loved the approach for introducing the 2010 Mustang.  Besides the leaks of images […]

How not to do customer relations at the drive-through

So I took my kids to the McDonalds drive-through the other day and as I pulled up to the register window, this sign was facing me covering most of the window: We are talking about one of the highest margin products and we are being nickled and dimed. Really – If I ask for 32 […]

Stories Are Personal. Personal Experiences Connect.

Sitting in a Doctor’s office in late March of 2008, I picked up Best Life magazine – bizarrely it was a Sept 2006 issue. For some reason, I always look at the last page first as I seem to find the personal experiences quicker that way. The article was written by David Keeps as told […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Jury Duty Gets Negative WoM

I learned something on Jury Duty yesterday thanks to a lecture by a defense counsel on soft spoken potential jurors. He could have been talking about WoM. He said: Public speakers must speak up and need to be heard Noise drowns out what people are saying Stand up and be heard You have a responsibility […]

Horton Wins at Box Office, But Movie Experience Continues Downward

It is getting worse.  Last weekend, I went to  Horton Hears a Who.  Opening weekend.  Rainy Sunday. And the theater for a 4pm showing was not full in a popular place on the Upper West Side of Manhattan which is pretty much saturated with young kids.  Mass Billboards, Mass TV focused kid TV blitz.  Even my 9 […]