As a parent – Watch this video

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This will shock and inspire you

Last year there was Paul Potts and two of his audition videos have been watched by over 42 million and 11 million people respectively on YouTube.  Then this year (a few days ago in fact),  Susan Boyle arrives.  I challenge you not to jump to conclusions when she first appears. Susan Boyle on Britain Got […]

Ford Mustang 2010 Competition

Scott Monty, my former crayon colleague, is now head of Social Media at Ford.  They have a gem of a site about the Ford Mustang. One of my favorite videos was Father’s Day.  Gotta admit, I shed a tear :-).  Great piece. Loved the approach for introducing the 2010 Mustang.  Besides the leaks of images […]

IDEO rocks

From one of the great experiential consulting design firms – who says work can’t be fun? IDEO Global Chain Reaction from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.

Yes We Can – Another Long Walk to Freedom

November 4, 2008 was an amazing night for America. An African American man wins the general election running as an American who happens to be African American. Many thought that people’s vote may have been swayed by race.  In the end it wasn’t even close and America showed that it has come a long way. And […]

Red…Bull, Red…Bull, RedBull and a great Father-Son Experience

How would you like to have 20,000 fans screaming your product’s name multiple times, supported by your name plastered all over the stadium and on the players shirts and on the T-Shirts handed out at the game, and having your name on every media channel reporting on the game?  Sounds like a sponsor’s dream opportunity. […]

New Subway Ads in NYC

The New York MTA is looking at new advertising opportunities to generate revenue to close the budget shortfall in the next year.  They are trying a few pilot programs with the subway, the latest being to wrap the interior and exterior surfaces of the Times Square Shuttle between Grand Central and Times Square. A second […]

Meet At The Apartment

No, that is not spy speak or code to my sleepers!  Mark and Sara Schiller who run Electric Artists the strategic branding and marketing shop in NY, have opened a cool new meeting place in NY called “Meet At The Apartment”. With workplaces becoming more casual and in some cases disappearing in favor of remote […]

Price-hikes do not always deliver

MarketingProfs Get to the Point: Invest 60 seconds in your SMALL BUSINESS newsletter refers to Seth Godin’s post “Breakage” to discuss “The Price-Hike Gamble”. The post discusses the how small successive increases lead to a breaking point at which you the customer bolts. As Seth points out: My car insurance bill has been steadily rising, […]

Social Media Vigilantes

Mitch Joel writes an interesting post Does A Social Media Vigilante Mean Equal Customer Service Justice For All? where he talks about social media vigilantes who name names in trying to build their own brand and obtain some form of resolution, retribution and/or compensation for poor service. Mitch takes a different path and chooses to […]