Maya’s first plane trip

By · Monday, February 15th, 2010

We have not been shy to travel with our kids. Starting with Ethan when he was 3 months old, we have traveled with our kids and happily they have been excellently behaved and we have not upset too many people.

We have been out of practice when it comes to traveling with an infant for about 4 years. It’s a lot of work especially when it’s an infant + 3 siblings and the 6 of you have a whole row from window to window. My second eldest kept saying: “Dad – take a photo of Maya on her first plane trip.” I could not take the nagging so I hauled out the iPhone (and a few minutes later the real camera). And as she stared out of the window at 9 months old, I thought about how much a baby absorbs and sponges up information with those wide and inquisitive eyes. Thanks Zach – I am so glad that I did listen to you.

These photos were taken with the iPhone and the B&W effect is from Photoshop Mobile. I was speaking to a client who was berating me for not posting ANYTHING in months. Of course I copped the excuses – 4 kids, too busy with work, etc. He said: “BS – you would tell me it takes a few minutes and you could do it on the subway or between calls or while the kids sleep! Take your own advice! And tell me how it goes- I challenge you.”

Using the iPhone or PDA to post is not new. I’ve done that and many do every day. But many people do not and it really is easy. So, here it is, I am back and yes Paul- I am sitting on the bed in Colorado, and the post took less than 5 minutes to write. It was done on the iPhone using the WordPress iPhone APP. The images were on the iPhone and you too can do it! :-). Thanks for pushing me. I thought that 1 of my 4 valid excuses would be a good subject to post on.

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So cute, looks like she’s a seasoned traveller already – have a fun time . Happy you took the time, it is so precious and passes way too quickly!

Paul is right and so it Wendy…we don’t do enough and time passes so quickly that we often look back and say “if only” or “we should have”. Kudo’s to you for getting out there and doing it constantly and consistently!

hope you all have fun
travelling with kids is tiring and yet a great learning experience for all
Hope one of your trips will one day bring you to us here in Eretz Yisrael

To see the wonder of the world from a child’s perspective is such a gift!As adults we are usually so jaded that it’s an absolute ‘wake up’ call to appreciate what’s around us.

Great pics Gary!!

How marvelous to see the wonder in a child’s eyes and body language, as she experiences something new! What a privilege to be given the gift of seeing it! And nowadays it can be kept! To