As a parent – Watch this video

By · Monday, June 15th, 2009


Such scenes must be enacted all over the country. Very touching and moving. Not only parents can fail to be moved. And very grateful to the soldiers who went to war and left wives and children, (including newborns) behind, and to the wives and children who were so brave indeed when they went.

It is hard to be away from kids or parents – even without the stress of being in harm’s way. The girl’s reaction is priceless. It is amazing how kids are so free to express their feelings and emotions and how as we get older we become confined by societal norms and pressures. I look at this video and love the joy and emotion of youth. It would be great so great to keep that going throughout life without people thinking you have gone off the deep end. It would be so great to be able to go back in time and really appreciate the moments and say thanks! and I love you! to those that you care and cared about and those that impacted you and your life. And I’m sorry! The way little girls say all these things with no hesitation and unbridled energy. Sometimes you just want to be able to be a kid and be free to be.

And because we can’t go back in time, take the time to appreciate your peeps! To my peeps, Thanks! I’m sorry! And I love you!