This will shock and inspire you

By · Monday, April 13th, 2009

Last year there was Paul Potts and two of his audition videos have been watched by over 42 million and 11 million people respectively on YouTube.  Then this year (a few days ago in fact),  Susan Boyle arrives.  I challenge you not to jump to conclusions when she first appears.

Susan Boyle on Britain Got Talent
by dwarthy

I have heard this song performed many times on Broadway and I have listened to a number of different recordings.  This is an outstanding version of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables.  Even though I am a biased because an uncle of mine wrote the lyrics, I LOVE this song and especially this version. Yes, we can all dream a dream – and sometimes they do come true.  Just ask Susan Boyle.

For old time’s sake, here is Paul Potts.

In challenging times, it’s nice to have inspiration like this.


Gary: I saw the Susan Boyle clip the other day, but hadn’t heard of Paul Potts. Incredible.

A friend on mine was a Les Mis fan, and he gave me the book for Chrismas a while back. A great read; so I saw the play when it came around, and it was really great. So I am a Les Mis fan also.

And you are right: both clips are an inspiration. Thanks.

Saw this clip on facebook – absolutely amazing! Shocking how programmed we are to think the worst and then are so surprised when its the exact opposite – she has an awesome voice, the tone is exceptional!!!

Coujldn’t agree more. Her video has now been viewed over 100million times and the story is being picked up and spoken about everywhere. Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks for the msg Scott.

Susan Boyle was my bet on Britains Got Talent. She has a very beautiful voice. Unfortunately, she got dropped.

Susan Boyle has exceptional voice. I wish i had a voice like her.

Susan Boyle has a great voice and for me she was one of the best contestants.

Susan Boyle has a good singing voice but it is not only the voice that counts if you want to win a singing contest.