Fedex Golf Ads Are Fantastic!

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Absolutely love these 2 commercials for Fedex timed for final run in for the Fedex Cup golf tournament. Enjoy.






Marriage Proposal Done Right

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Fantastic marriage proposal video from “Matt” who creates a movie trailer for his proposal to his girlfriend Ginny – complete with her  reactions.  Fantastic job.  Makes us mere romantics look ordinary! Check this out!



Passive Engagement in Social Media Doesn’t Deliver

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How to scale social media for small business and how to bridge the social divide is a common question I get from small business owners.  While all seem to agree that social media is a person-to-person connection or human connections and interactions, many companies do not engage on that level choosing to push content in the same more traditional manner ala broadcast such as TV, Print and Radio. In an interesting post, David Armano said

The gap itself is bridged by participation, meaning that a company empowers PEOPLE to engage and interact with other PEOPLE. This means public and private conversations, activity in comments and a commitment to be responsive in real time.

Passive Social Media | Gary D. Cohen

Passive Social Media. Great original resting image from adjusted in Photoshop.

People often write about companies getting out of the starting blocks with social media.  It got me thinking that participation means different things to different people.  Forrester talks about 5 levels of being active in social media: Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners and Spectators (who may be defined as inactives.) There is a difference what small business owners think as many want to focus on the brand and not themselves or their people.  But all of the roles defined are people roles.  And it is important that the person is known and and that the personal contact and connection is maintained and built for the relationship to be productive.

While many small business owners see themselves as active participants in social media because they post a blog, or a status update or broadcast a tweet, or broadcast updates about your company or post offers, this is not what active participation is about.  You would never walk up to a friend and interrupt them with a quick update on your store or shove an offer in front of them and walk away without having a conversation!  Why would you do it online??!!  IMHO – you are worse off if you do that because you turn off your friends and fans. You can’t be half pregnant!

It is about joining and being a part of a conversation where the customers can engage with you.  It is about sharing and engaging with consumers and most importantly listening more than you speak.  Because that way you truly hear what people want – and they will tell you – be they consumers of your content or information today and consumers of your product when that tomorrow may come.

Having worked in the banking world, most banks never allowed anyone to speak to the press unless they were media trained in case someone spilled the dirty about the establishment.  NEWSFLASH – people spread the word anyway through conversations offline and online, tghorugh twitter, facebook, personal blogs, message boards, email, etc.  A reason for the limits was also concern about sharing inside information.  Many banks are stepping in and doing it in ways that work for them.  And with that some have hired some big guns (Citibank and Frank Eliason formerly the Social Media and Communications maven at Comcast) to help them enter and navigate waters that they have seen as quite dangerous previously. Stay tuned for some new ways of enabling communities through social capabilities that will facilitate customer service through Twitter-like and Facebook-like capabilities behind secure bank connections.

If banks can get there, so can you.

Building a Southwest Airlines Jet

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Interesting behind the scenes time-lapse video on the making of Florida One, a new Southwest Jet at Boeing.  Very cool to see the way their production line works and how the evolving airplane rolls through the facility. I don’t think I have ever seen a plane being made, but every time I go on one, I wonder about it and how it stays together and up in the air!  Of course I know how – but I still think about it.  And here Boeing and Southwest share something unique – Think about the potential audience that could be interested in this video – starting with those who fly and and those who are interested in planes and these on there own are HUGE audiences and are very likely to share this video. FYI – It was posted on April 22 and already has 822,000 views.

Age of Conversation 3 Coming Soon!

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Age of Conversation 3: It’s time to get busy! is on its way. It will be available shortly directly from Amazon and some other online book stores. The cover was designed by Chris Wilson.

The third in a series of a crowdsourced book on conversation, I am happy to have written one chapter for this edition.  The series has grown exponentially and boasts an remarkable list of authors that tackled a series of categories – in ways that are both interesting and enlightening.  All authors contributed their chapters knowing that all proceeds would go to charity.

Please by the book when it is published and support our charity efforts.  More to come on all accounts!

Adam Joseph Priyanka Sachar Mark Earls
Cory Coley-Christakos Stefan Erschwendner Paul Hebert
Jeff De Cagna Thomas Clifford Phil Gerbyshak
Jon Burg Toby Bloomberg Shambhu Neil Vineberg
Joseph Jaffe Uwe Hook Steve Roesler
Michael E. Rubin anibal casso Steve Woodruff
Steve Sponder Becky Carroll Tim Tyler
Chris Wilson Beth Harte Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Dan Schawbel Carol Bodensteiner Trey Pennington
David Weinfeld Dan Sitter Vanessa DiMauro
Ed Brenegar David Zinger Brett T. T. Macfarlane
Efrain Mendicuti Deb Brown Brian Reich
Gaurav Mishra Dennis Deery C.B. Whittemore
Gordon Whitehead Heather Rast Cam Beck
Hajj E. Flemings Joan Endicott Cathryn Hrudicka
Jeroen Verkroost Karen D. Swim Christopher Morris
Joe Pulizzi Leah Otto Corentin Monot
Karalee Evans Leigh Durst David Berkowitz
Kevin Jessop Lesley Lambert Duane Brown
Peter Korchnak Mark Price Dustin Jacobsen
Piet Wulleman Mike Maddaloni Ernie Mosteller
Scott Townsend Nick Burcher Frank Stiefler
Steve Olenski Rich Nadworny John Rosen
Tim Jackson Suzanne Hull Len Kendall
Amber Naslund Wayne Buckhanan Mark McGuinness
Caroline Melberg Andy Drish Oleksandr Skorokhod
Claire Grinton Angela Maiers Paul Williams
Gary Cohen Armando Alves Sam Ismail
Gautam Ramdurai B.J. Smith Tamera Kremer
Eaon Pritchard Brendan Tripp Adelino de Almeida
Jacob Morgan Casey Hibbard Andy Hunter
Julian Cole Debra Helwig Anjali Ramachandran
Jye Smith Drew McLellan Craig Wilson
Karin Hermans Emily Reed David Petherick
Katie Harris Gavin Heaton Dennis Price
Mark Levy George Jenkins Doug Mitchell
Mark W. Schaefer Helge Tenno Douglas Hanna
Marshall Sponder James Stevens Ian Lurie
Ryan Hanser Jenny Meade Jeff Larche
Sacha Tueni and Katherine Maher David Svet Jessica Hagy
Simon Payn Joanne Austin-Olsen Mark Avnet
Stanley Johnson Marilyn Pratt Mark Hancock
Steve Kellogg Michelle Beckham-Corbin Michelle Chmielewski
Amy Mengel Veronique Rabuteau Peter Komendowski
Andrea Vascellari Timothy L Johnson Phil Osborne
Beth Wampler Amy Jussel Rick Liebling
Eric Brody Arun Rajagopal Dr Letitia Wright
Hugh de Winton David Koopmans Aki Spicer
Jeff Wallace Don Frederiksen Charles Sipe
Katie McIntyre James G Lindberg & Sandra Renshaw David Reich
Lynae Johnson Jasmin Tragas Deborah Chaddock Brown
Mike O’Toole Jeanne Dininni Iqbal Mohammed
Morriss M. Partee Katie Chatfield Jeff Cutler
Pete Jones Riku Vassinen Jeff Garrison
Kevin Dugan Tiphereth Gloria Mike Sansone
Lori Magno Valerie Simon Nettie Hartsock
Mark Goren Peter Salvitti

How Long is Too Long?

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Free jumbled type texture for layersI have been helping a doctor setup a web presence that includes a website a blog and some social media applications.  With new clients, especially those that don’t read blogs let alone blog themselves, I help them understand and train them on how to blog.  In one of our first sessions we discussed frequency, recency and consistency of posts.  I had mentioned that she should aim for about 250 words per post and try not to go over 500 words – especially if she was going to post frequently.

The doctor and I have just begun and she sent me a question this morning about the optimal length of blog posts:

“I have been thinking about the limitations of 400 words on a blog. There may be days when that suffices but I think I need more space.”

Here’s the deal –


The 250-500 words is about readability and is really for a web or smart phone audience.  This is where people are looking at a ton of articles every day and they get quick hit updates.  No reason you can’t write longer – but the longer articles or papers – 500-5000+ words – are for a different audience.  This audience will probably not want to read long articles online or on a pda.  They will be the people that will print and read.


The 250 words is also for the writer who may be writing a post daily or 3-5 times a week or more.  The 250-500 is more for those that are trying to post often and want to build an audience in our ADD world.


If the quality is there, don’t worry about the length.  there are people who post long pieces once a month anf people will wait because they like what they read.  Just write about what you know.  And add value.


Over a few months, a blogger will find a length, a tone and a style that is comfortable for them and works for their audience.  It takes time and perseverance.  The best way to do this is to setup some time in your schedule to do some writing every day.  And it will come.  That may be during a commute.  It may be between calls.  It may be first thing in the am or last thing at night.  But it is easier to make it happen if time is set up and a habit is formed.

Blogging is not hard to do.  It is hard to do well and it takes dedication and effort. Now I am off to revise my schedule so that I can find time to blog myself!

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Maya’s first plane trip

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We have not been shy to travel with our kids. Starting with Ethan when he was 3 months old, we have traveled with our kids and happily they have been excellently behaved and we have not upset too many people.

We have been out of practice when it comes to traveling with an infant for about 4 years. It’s a lot of work especially when it’s an infant + 3 siblings and the 6 of you have a whole row from window to window. My second eldest kept saying: “Dad – take a photo of Maya on her first plane trip.” I could not take the nagging so I hauled out the iPhone (and a few minutes later the real camera). And as she stared out of the window at 9 months old, I thought about how much a baby absorbs and sponges up information with those wide and inquisitive eyes. Thanks Zach – I am so glad that I did listen to you.

These photos were taken with the iPhone and the B&W effect is from Photoshop Mobile. I was speaking to a client who was berating me for not posting ANYTHING in months. Of course I copped the excuses – 4 kids, too busy with work, etc. He said: “BS – you would tell me it takes a few minutes and you could do it on the subway or between calls or while the kids sleep! Take your own advice! And tell me how it goes- I challenge you.”

Using the iPhone or PDA to post is not new. I’ve done that and many do every day. But many people do not and it really is easy. So, here it is, I am back and yes Paul- I am sitting on the bed in Colorado, and the post took less than 5 minutes to write. It was done on the iPhone using the WordPress iPhone APP. The images were on the iPhone and you too can do it! :-). Thanks for pushing me. I thought that 1 of my 4 valid excuses would be a good subject to post on.

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As a parent – Watch this video

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This will shock and inspire you

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Last year there was Paul Potts and two of his audition videos have been watched by over 42 million and 11 million people respectively on YouTube.  Then this year (a few days ago in fact),  Susan Boyle arrives.  I challenge you not to jump to conclusions when she first appears.

Susan Boyle on Britain Got Talent
by dwarthy

I have heard this song performed many times on Broadway and I have listened to a number of different recordings.  This is an outstanding version of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables.  Even though I am a biased because an uncle of mine wrote the lyrics, I LOVE this song and especially this version. Yes, we can all dream a dream – and sometimes they do come true.  Just ask Susan Boyle.

For old time’s sake, here is Paul Potts.

In challenging times, it’s nice to have inspiration like this.

Blast from 1998 – Dot Com revisited

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